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When it comes to revamping of an existing system or capacity enhancement in the system or up gradation of the system to suit the requirement, a suitable partner for the same is often a challenge. Most cases, clients are compromised with a product/ supplier who are interested only to sell their product rather than completing the requirement or a firm who poses little knowledge which can’t deliver the result in later stages.

Since, SES does not fall in any of these categories;
neither selling nor consulting, we analyze all aspects of requirements from client point of view with existing provisions and offer our guaranteed solutions to satisfy the requirements.

We act as a solution provider from concept to commissioning with result oriented performances.


Having copious years of our expertise and association in water and environment industry, we experienced and graduated in the field of technological integration and various specific plant engineering requirements. Some companies want an agency to take care of design and engineering requirements for the entire plant.

Others want process and design expertise to make their plant into most modern facility without compromising quality, technology and cost. Yet others see that they require an engineering partner to do all system integration and management activities on their behalf.

Whatever may be the view point, these business have one thing common. To make their plant, they need an associate who can play the role of a process engineering/ consulting partner to provide an effective solution.

SES is committed to being that partner. At PR Projects, we partner organizations to successfully establish the business by providing world class, cost effective and time bounded design & engineering solutions in the area of water, waste water treatment and utility industries.

What makes us unique is that we are more than just consultants/ service provider. In fact, we operate as an extended arm of your business/services. This infuses our solutions with the accountability and assurance you seek.


We also support the industry by taking up O&M to train the people and for consistent results. We deploy the specialized people to the site round the clock.


WE supply waste water treatment & water treatment chemicals formulations and also Membranes washing chemicals and formulations.


We offer our clients waste water treatment system spares & water Treatment system spares, the range includes all variety of quality efficient spares.